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Adopt a Horse

Adopting a Tara’s Chance horse will enable you to provide for their needs for a full year. Upkeep for our horses involves new shoes, feeding, supplements and veterinary expenses.

Sponsor a therapy horse for a year by donating $10,000 towards their upkeep. There are also options to sponsor either a quarter or a half a year or a month. Your gift will be recognized in various ways, including a stall plate bearing your name and web site and social media acknowledgment.

Adoption does not include riding privileges, but does enable a horse to provide weekly therapy to our riders. You are always welcome to come visit your adopted horse. 

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Please click here or on the Form on the left to open. Please fill out and return to us via email or fax.

Email: info@taraschance.org

Fax to: 714-672-9537