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Our Story

Tara's Chance was named for a wonderful horse that was happiest when she was working with kids. Just as the founder Cindy Howells believes that every kid is special, Tara made every child feel special. Tara had a unique sense of knowing what her young riders needed. She was gentle, kind, and would show such compassion to the young people that she worked with; you couldn't help but to love her. Tara sadly is no longer with us but her heart still beats at Tara's Chance. Please come and join us and share the love that Tara so generously shared.

Cindy Howells, founder of Tara's Chance has had a love affair with horses since she was 4. She has been around and has owned horses for over thirty years. Her knowledge and love of these beautiful animals is boundless and it is because she herself has experienced what they can do for a person's well being, and it was through this love that Cindy started Tara's Chance. Horses do not judge, they do not criticize, they just give back what they are given. It is this sense of being and needed and loved that helps heal so many wounds that face our youth today.

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