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Equine Assisted Riding (EAR)

The Equine Assisted Riding (EAR) program is an advanced equine therapy program utilizing horsemanship skills required to groom, tack up, and ride a horse independently. This exciting new program will serve riders who have graduated from the current Equine Assisted Therapy program and individuals with special needs who are new to Tara’s Chance. Tailored to each individual rider to best accomplish their therapeutic goals the program includes a wide variety of therapies and activities both mounted and unmounted on the horse.


Students ride in a saddle and dictate the horses movements. Riders participate in a hour therapy session each week. The program offers instruction to riders of all skill levels, from providing someone's first contact with a horse, to advanced independent riders. The goals are accomplished through horsemanship skills including approaching a horse, haltering, leading, tying, grooming, tacking up, mounting, exercising a horse, barn maintenance, riding and more. Through these activities students will connect with their horse which is a powerful way to reduce stress, improving mood, and creating a learning environment that opens the path to physical and cognitive growth and healing. Students will make strides in problem-solving, independence, empathy, assertiveness, communication and social skills.


This program serves a broad range of individuals with special needs. The program will serve individuals with Autism, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, emotional or behavioral issues, head trauma and other special needs.

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