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Horse Trainer

Job Location

Tara's Chance (219 E Claire Ave. Fullerton C.A. 92835



Monday thru Friday

8:30 - 12:30 

Job Type



Hourly $15:50 - $18

Start Date: 


August 7th 2023

About the Role

The Horse Trainer (HC) is responsible for the exercise, training, and care of Tara’s Chance therapeutic horses. The Horse Trainer is experienced in working with horses and understands the needed training required for therapeutic services. The Horse Trainer will work with all Tara’s Chance horses with an emphasis on newer and younger horses. 


Overview of Responsibilities:  

  • Train horses to perform specific tasks or skills, such as performing in therapeutic riding lessons

  • Monitor the progress of each horse and adjust training plans as needed to ensure they are progressing at an appropriate pace.

  • Work with the Program Director to set training goals and provide regular updates on their horse's progress.

  • Riding horses to exercise and train 

  • Lunging and/or walking horses for exercise

  • Fly spray daily if weather permits

  • Full weekly grooming

  • Evaluate the horse’s movements to note any irregularities in the horse including but not limited to:

    • Sores anywhere but especially near saddle, cinch, feet & mouth areas. 

    • Limping

    • Not enough or none at all, poop and/or pee.

    • Standing at the water but not drinking

    • Not eating

    • Laying down for extended period of time or at an odd time of day

    • Marks in stall as if they were laying down and thrashing around

    • Throwing head a lot

    • Dropping head or holding head high, excessively

    • Rubbing excessively – look for mane and tale rubbed out

    • Heavy breathing, nostrils flared

    • Excessive pawing

    • Or just anything out of the ordinary for the horse

  • Notify Program Director of any horse irregularities or changes 

  • Maintain all horse equipment and program equipment

  • Cleaning of program horse stalls when required 

    • Scrub waterers and/or bucket and fill with fresh water DAILY

    • Rearrange mats and level dirt underneath

    • Remove waste from stall without removing the bedding and work the dirt to insure all waste has been removed

    • Sweep mats if necessary

    • Inspect stalls that were cleaned by volunteers and correct them with additional training if necessary.

    • Fill holes with DG

    • Check waterer to insure its properly functioning

    • Overlook stall for safety hazards, i.e. bolts and sharp edges


  • Minimum of 3 years experience working with horses and a deep understanding of their behavior, health, and care requirements.

  • Minimum of 1 year experience developing and implementing effective training plans 

  • Knowledge of horse anatomy and physiology and how it relates to training and care.

  • Physical stamina and strength to work with horses and perform physical tasks, including riding and handling large animals for 4 consecutive hours

  • Ability to work within a team and communicate to the Program Director

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