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Ryan Nolan

When Ryan first came to Tara's Chance he was hesitant to get on that first time.  After a few visits he was hooked and so were we.  Ryan greeted each weeks session with a happy smile and plenty of high fives and if he was having a tough day and not wanting to get on the horse, he sure enjoyed "pushing" Cindy up the hill to make her get ready for him to get on.  One of his favorite parts of visiting Tara's Chance was getting to spend time with Oliver, the miniature donkey and feeding him carrots, he love Oliver so much he even named his puppy Oliver. While riding the horses he would tell us about the birds and taking pictures or anything else about his week but the best part was watching Ryan grow.  His confidence on the horses was amazing and he was so proud of his accomplishments. He soon fell in love with showing off his moves, balancing and even riding Maggie backwards.  His Mom Laryn said that this was one of his favorite places to go and we know that it won't be the same without him.  He's touched all of our hearts with his sense of humor, laughter, persistence, fist pumps, smile and kind heart.  Oh what we would give to hear him say just one more time "Let's Go Maggie".

You will be greatly missed, remembered forever but we know you are galloping along in Heaven.

Ryan racing against Lucas.

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