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Triple Crown Club Membership

Each year, a select group of individuals become a part of a unique giving society. Triple Crown Club investors pledge an annual gift of: $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or more for 3 years. These gifts (unless otherwise stipulated) provide ongoing support of the day to day operations at Tara’s Chance Therapeutic Riding Center.

Our Triple Crown Club investors are committed to the long-term financial stabilization of Tara’s Chance ensuring that we will be able to provide therapeutic riding for individuals with disabilities for many years to come. Recognition will be granted on our website, Facebook and newsletter.


WIN Donor: $15,000 Per Year

Donors at this level will assure that all Tara’s Chances therapy horses are fed and cared for during the year. The cost to keep the horses fed, shod, comfortable and healthy is approximately $25,000 annually.

PLACE Donor: $10,000 Per Year

Donors at this level will underwrite our therapy services for one year.

SHOW Donor: $5,000 Per Year

In order to provide all of the facility utilities for Tara’s Chance for one year, donors are needed to commit to this level supporting the bottom line of our expenses.

Please click ​here or on the Form on the left to open. Please fill out and return to us via email or fax.


Fax to: 714-672-9537

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